Our team operates for regional and global brands, making sure that our creative output and the brand identity are always aligned. Our multinational advertising experience leads to a rich portfolio with OTB ideas.


Seeking a production in the Middle East or Worldwide ? Aiming for first-class services and an indulging experience? Destination: Timeline! A proficient team facilitates the entire production process over the course of your project.  


Directors / Cinematographers & Production Team

Timeline counts on a professional network comprised of international directors, cinematographers and media crew; paving its way as a leading production house in the region. 

Timeline hires the most competent crew in Kuwait and from abroad. 

May it be the Director, DOPs or crew members, each of the Operations department team spares no effort to refine each project, fulfill its demands and constantly raise its production values.


In partnership with a variety of high-end post studios around the globe, Timeline manages all post needs:

  • GFX and VFX (USA, Egypt, India and Europe)
  • Color grading ( Kuwait, USA, Egypt, Greece, Italy and France)
  • Editing ( Kuwait, Europe and Lebanon )

Rentals & Facilities

All production equipment is stocked, including cameras, lenses, grip, lighting and sound devices.

Our experience ranges from major production companies and broadcasters in the Middle East to many international clients.

High-Quality Experience

Our performance consists in building relationships with customers, working within budgets, exhibiting expert knowledge in all aspects of film-making, and always going beyond what is expected to ensure productions go smoothly.

These are the values that promote our business growth.